Warm Tone Hair Color Can Include Red Hair. Hair color, styling, and makeup by Monae Everett

Those that fall into the “warm tones” family have orange, yellow, peach, and golden brown skin tones. They tan easily when exposed to the sun and usually look better in gold. Another way to determine if you fit into the “warm” tonal family is your eye color. If you have hazel, brown, amber, or green eyes “warm” tones usually work best for you. Aubrey O’day, Eve, Jessica Simpson, or La La Vazquez are all gorgeous bronzed examples of woman who fit into the“warm” tonal family. Jennifer Lopez is great at changing from blonde to brunette and back while staying within the “warm” tonal family. “Warm” toned hair colors include gold blondes, champagne blondes, chocolate browns, and caramel.

These same tonal families apply for red heads. Those who want natural looking red hair prefer “warm” or orange based reds. These tones include copper, red-gold, and strawberry blonde. Sexy “warm” red heads are Reba McEntire and Debra Messing.  Mahogany, red-violet, and pink are examples of “cool” toned or blue based reds. “Cool” reds are considered fashionable reds. The chic Kate Walsh and Scarlett Johansson are ideal examples of “cool” toned red heads. Keep in mind that red is the hardest color to get in the hair, as well as the hardest color to take out of the hair.

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