Very Dark Hair. Hair and Makeup By Monae Everett Photo: Damion Miller

Question from Subscriber Shaunie:

OMG my stylist destroyed my hair!!! My hair in relaxed and is was hilighted blonde. I decided to go back to my natural medium brown hair color. So I asked my stylist put a black rinse on it, and it’s blackish/green! I don’t know what to do.

I’m so sorry that you aren’t happy with your color. First I’ll explain what went wrong. Then I’ll explain how to fix it. Your hair was weakened and made porous by the mix of the relaxer and the color. This means the hair was now able to “soak up” too much of the next color or treatment you apply.

My Answer:

When the stylist applied the rinse (semi or demi permanent color) it needed to have some warmth/orange in it to keep it from turning green. Let me break that down further. Blonde hair= yellow, black hair color is blue based. Yellow and Blue make Green. So she should have used a dark brown (which is what you requested) plus an extra warm tone.

Don’t worry, you can help fix it.

Lighter brown hair. Hair and Makeup by Monae Everett. Photo: Damion Miller

Easy option: Use a deep cleansing or clarifying shampoo. These are normally recommended for use after swimming to remove chlorine. Shampoo your hair as normal with warm water. Add a shampoo cap and either sit under a hooded dryer or apply a hot towel to the head for about 20 mins. Feel free to repeat up to 2 more times. After this make sure to use a very moisturizing conditioner as your hair will feel very dry from the deep cleanse. This method may take quite a few shampoos over a few weeks time to get the desired result.

Advanced Option: If you choose to go back to the stylist ask for a “bleach bath” which is a mixture of shampoo and bleach. It is applied to damp hair and left on until the hair is lightened to desired level. Then the hair shampooed (possibly recolored) and conditioned. This method is not recommended for permed or relaxed hair.

Shampoo Options: KMS Califoria Hair Stay Clarifying Shampoo or Nuetragena Clarifying Shampoo.

Deep Conditioner Options: Amika Nourishing Mask or Pantene Pro V Deep Moisturizing Treatment.


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