Question from Heidi: Monae, I am 8 months pregnant. I am so ready to have this baby. My husband’s family want’s to through me a jewel themed party (co-ed party and forgo the baby shower games).  I just don’t feel like I look good.

Answer: Of course I can help you to look good. But I’ll take it a step further… I’ll come over and style your hair and makeup in order to give you a pregnancy makeover.

To bring out the the flicks of green in Heidi’s beautiful eyes we decided to go with a smokey green eye. I used MAC eyeshadows in “Green Smoke” and “Humid”. These deep green tones complimented her red jewel toned dress. We amped it up her eyes by applying a row of false lashes. To even out Heidi’s complexion I went with MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Foundation in number #128. Cheeks were MAC Supercontinetal. Lips were MAKE UP FOR EVER N-16 in Beige Violet.

I blow dried Heidi’s hair with a square Denman brush and Bumble & Bumble thickening hair spray and styling lotion. I added clip in extensions and curled the hair this way.

In the end Heidi felt ready to to be put on display and watch her family party. Oh yeah, and she hopes they bring great presents.

What did you do to keep yourself feeling sexy while pregnant?






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