shadia y 1 shadia y 2 shadia y 3 shadia y 4 shadia y 5 shadia y 6Spring has sprung and it’s time to glam up your hair color look. My good friend Bethany called me and wanted to try a new look. She is a beautiful and petite high school teacher who was tired of her long boring locks.

But as usual, their were perimeters. She wanted to lighten her look, keep her length, not be boring, and not look like her students. Not to mention, she can only fit hair color into her schedule quarterly.

I decided on highlights. I foiled in three different colors for dimension. Multi-dimentional color gives a more expensive feel and definitely sets her apart from her students. This will also allow her roots to grow out gracefully in between color touch ups. To choose her hair color tones I followed this guide and decided upon light golden and champagne tones. I softened her all over (non highlighted) color as well. This way her hair is a dark brown and blonde. This can be more becoming than nearly black and blonde, which can be very harsh and aging.

For her cut I only removed about an inch in length. But I curved in many layers and shaped the hair to compliment her new hair color and beautiful face.

To style her curly hair I used Not Your Mother’s hair styling products and blow dried her with the Sebastian Mousse Forte.

What are you doing to change you hair look? Will you be coloring your natural hair? Have you ever added color to your hair with hair extensions?

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