Last week I discussed the anxiety attacts that ensue when I have to find a new eye brow specialists (yes I call them specialists because they  and my eye brows are really important to my life). You all seemed to have enjoyed that article, so here is some more eye brow goodness. Let’s learn how to get the perfect eye brows… for you.

The first thing you want to do is figure out the natural shape of your brows. Find your natural shape by brushing up brows with a spooly (mascara wand). Trim the top of the brows with brow scissors. Then clean up the stray hairs via tweezing, threading, or if you must… waxing. Lastly, fill in the missing strands with a eye brow pencil or the eye shadow and brush method. Both can be seen in the video above.

All brows have a natural shape, you don’t have to get all overwhelmed with the name of the shape. Who cares if you are doing the Pam Anderson round brows or the Brooke Sheilds thick blows.

Thin brows also seem to be more faddish. Once the fad is gone you will be left to deal with the repercussions of bad brows for life.  My mom and her friends are still paying for those harsh 80’s years, when they shaved off their brows and penciled them in. Really bad move! I would show a picture, but I want her to talk to me again,lol.

Overall it is safer to have thicker brows because it gives a more youthful appearance. Thinker brows are also more forgiving.

See the second photo for where to place your brows. For example, the inside of your brows should line up with the side of your nose. A step-by-step is shown in the video above.  As shown here.

If you’ve figured out how to pencil in your brows, or you are able to follow along, see my favorite eyebrow pencil here.

Check out my eye brows being threaded below.

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