The other day I sat with a gentlem… a guy who had no problem volunteering his distain for natural hair. He talked about how clear it was to him that women with natural hair were just too lazy to style their hair. He directed my attention to a pretty young woman with natural hair and pointed out (in his opinion) she would  be far more attractive  young woman if she put any effort into her hair. He felt that she “clearly didn’t care about herself”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but he cleared it up by saying these 4 words “I hate natural hair”!

I attempted to explain that contrary to popular belief  curly and natural haired women spend a lot time and effort on their hair.  Whether it’s searching out the right cocktail of products for the perfect wash and go style or the patience and dexterity of twist out hair styles. Unfortunately my 12 years of experience as a licensed cosmetologist and decade of experience with natural hair was no match for obtusely rigid ignorance.

This crazy conversation reminded me that in 2013 there are still so many people that do not understand natural hair. I’m not talking about those who don’t like it or just don’t feel it’s for themselves. I am referencing the people who find the hair that God gave them to be unacceptable and downright ugly.

All I can do in this situation is educate! Take a moment to check out how one should care for their natural and/or curly hair. I’ll answer questions about how often you should shampoo your hair, how often you should them your hair, etc.

And for the perfect twist out:

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Are you ashamed of your hair texture? What products do you use for your wash and go? Have you ever tried a twistout? Have you ever had to defend your decision to have or not to have natural hair?

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