Many woman aren’t bold enough to wear a bright color eyeshadow like yellow. Yellow can be tricky color, especially for blondes. Just like every other color, the most important factor in choosing an eye shadow is the tone of the selected color. I’ll make it easy for you and break it down in relation to your hair color.

Those with brown hair and warm undertones in their skin should use yellow tones that lean toward the golds and orange. Those with cool undertones can benefit from yellow eye shadow because the yellow neutralizes unwanted cool/blue tones. Red heads want to stick to yellows that lean toward green. For example, you may want to layer yellow eye shadow to an olive eyeshadow to brighten it. Blondes with warm tones in their skin should aim for golds. Blondes with cool undertones have to make sure to blend in a dark brown or black in the outter corners of the eyes.

Check out this simple yellow eye shadow tutorial and let em know your thoughts.

Have you ever worn yellow eye shadow? What are your favorite brands? Do you use a cool or a warm yellow?

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