Top 5 Hair Products for all Hair Textures

Top 5 Hair Products for all Hair Textures

Are you a relaxed beauty? Or are you rocking your natural hair texture? Check out my recent interview on where I discuss the five top hair products for all hair textures.

VL Editor: How can one tell the difference between damaged hair in your brush or whether it is normal cycle hair shedding?

Monae: There are 3 phases of hair growth and there is a shedding phase. On average you lose about 150 strands of hair a day. It’s going to look like a lot, but you’re not going to lose all 150 strands when you brush your hair. So if you wake up in the morning and you are brushing your hair and there are chunks of hair coming out, yes, that is a problem.  Notice if your parts tend to widen or you began to see bald spots. Split ends also contribute to breakage. A great way to test breakage is to clean your brush prior to brushing and see the amount of hair that collects in your hairbrush.

VL Editor: Do you have preference with hairstyling techniques? i.e. Cut, color

Monae: Well I’m an American Board Certified hair colorist. This is the highest achievement you can have in hair coloring. It’s like having a Doctorate in hair color! I have always gravitated towards hair color. I feel as though, when you love what you do you should not have to work under one compartment of your profession. Maybe the difference in how I see things is, I come from a place of specialty in hair color. Hair color lends itself to shape. Meaning, I have to cut, shape, and style the hair in particular way to show off the hair color. So maybe my starting block in hair color lends itself to amazing cuts, styles, as well as makeup.

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