Thursday Sept 12 at 9 PM Listen Here for back to school beauty tips.
Dail into 347-215-7030 with your questions.
Young ladies! Schools in session and you want to look your best before, during, and while hanging out afterward. And you want to do it with a minimum of fuss and expense don’t you?  Talk To The Nation has just the person you need to get you looking fly fresh and snazzy.
Monaé  Everett,  the CEO of Monaé Artistry, is the hair and makeup artist to some of fashion runway’s  most beautiful models and Hollywood celebrities such as the likes of Forest Whitaker, and Chris Rock.
Monaé  will give you the inside scoop and techniques on hooking up your hair and makeup fast, quick, and effective, Your friends will take one look and  think you spent a fortune at the hairdresser and on makeup.  Live listeners are encouraged to call in with questions.
Guys don’t shy away. Monaé always has something you can use too.
Monaé Everett  is an American Board Certified hair colorist, beauty column author, and Bridal Makeup and Hair Stylist also.
Tune in and get your tips and techniques from the best in the business. When you’re done, you will “wow” your friends and family. See a taste of what’s to come.
Check out some of Monae’s hair and makeup masterpieces here –
Back To School Hair & Makeup in 15 Min.  YouTube Tutorial –
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Five Minutes Bangs without Cutting Your Hair, Back to School Beauty (part 5)
3 Minute Back to School Beauty (part 5)
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