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5 Simple Ways to Spice Up Your Bob for the Holidays

The holiday season is in full swing and we all want to look our best. But what are you going to do about that soccer mom bob you’ve been rocking for the last few years? Check out the video showing you 5 simple ways to spice up your bob. You’ll be the talk of all of your holiday parties… ever if you don’t color your hair purple.

When was the last time your changed your haircut? When was the last time you changed your haircolor?

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  • Trinabrneve@gmail.com'

    Loved the different suggestions for the bob, the COLOR was everything!!!

  • Stylistondeck@me.com'

    Great tips. I will most be using this unique technique used in video of the loose spiral around the top of the the head. I do a lot of bob weaves. Great color too.

  • gal.in.09@hotmail.com'

    Loving this look!

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