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Question from RubyRedPunk: Hey Monae, I’ve been following your YouTube channel for a while. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how to get sexy bright red hair and get it to last. I’ve been using Special FX but my hair fades to a weird orange color within a couple of weeks. What would you do to make it brighter and last longer?

Answer: Great question, a lot of people want those funky looks but have to deal with faded hair color, damaged hair, and skin stains. Here are a few tips for getting sexy bright red hair.

1) Use a protectant or vaseline before applying the hair bleach. Make sure not to use any peroxide/developer higher than a 20 volume so that you don’t burn your scalp.

2) Avoid some of the cheaper drug store hair colors. They tend to fade in an odd way. For this client I used this Joico Semi-Permanent Red. I only used one tube of the Joico color and the final results were gorgeous!

4) Before applying to funky color, use a protectant on your hairline, this will help you to avoid stains. When you apply the funky color, make sure wear gloves and avoid the scalp. For me, its easier to use a bowl and brush, plus it helps to avoid staining your face and scalp. Wait 10 minutes, then comb or brush the color through the ends of your hair to refresh the overall look (and avoid bright or hot roots)

If you do get color stains here are a couple of ways to get them off. Anti-bacterial soap works better then most shampoos. Although I haven’t tried it, I’ve been told that cigarette ashes also get rid of stains pretty easily.

5) After shampooing your hair, make sure to use a  moisturizing deep conditioner and do a finally, rinse the hair with cool water.

This color should last at least 4 to 6 weeks.

For more tips on bleaching your hair and keeping it healthy, click here.

Have you ever worn a bright hair color? Did you apply the color yourself or go to a salon? What brand of color did you use?

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