Makeup BingoMost women don’t leave the house without any makeup on – for them it’s like an unwritten rule. Based on a survey published by The Daily Mail, it’s said women spend about 474 days or approximately one year and three months of their lifetime putting on cosmetics, which is the equivalent to over a whole week every year. Putting makeup on faster might sound impossible, but doing your makeup and having fun at the same time can become reality, simply by playing Makeup Bingo.

First thing you need to do is to list down all your makeup products. Place the list under each category on your customized bingo card, which you can create via Print-Bingo. You can put different brands and colors of mascara/eyeliner under the letter “B”, eye makeup under “I”, blush under “N”, lipstick under “G”, and makeup style under “O”. You can write the list of cosmetics on pieces of paper then roll them so you can choose randomly. Once you have completed a pattern whether diagonally, vertically, or horizontally, then you can outline your makeup style based on the winning combination.

Another fun way to do your makeup is by downloading free makeup apps on your mobile phone or tablet. Apps like Modiface’s Makeup and ArcSoft’s Perfect365: Best Face Makeup can give you a mobile virtual makeover. You can also get makeup advice from online bingo sites through their social media networks. Aside from makeup giveaways every Thursday on Twitter, Cheekybingo has established a social community where players can interact with each other and even seek advice about cosmetics with other like-minded beauty lovers. Another way to enjoy bingo and be beautiful at the same time, isn’t that fun?

Putting makeup can be a pleasurable activity, just make sure to remove all your makeup residue before going to bed to avoid any skin problems in the future.

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