Pin Free Fake PnytailSometimes I just want to put my hair up. Then I remember that my hair is thin, and it looks like I have a struggle pony when I put it all up. It’s got a slight bit of length, but looks anorexic… not a good look.

I hate putting bobby pins in my hair because they itch and just all around irritate me. Glue isn’t any better, it hurts so bad that I wonder if I’m allergic to latex. Plus when the ponytail is pinned or glued in it’s difficult to blend the hair extensions and your natural hair. Using this method the wind can blow all through the ponytail and your secret is safe.

So I came up with a super easy, pin free fake ponytail. Check out my step by step and let me know what you think.

If you want to try out this look with straight hair, check it out here.

Do you wear fake ponytails? Do they look like your own natural hair? Are they comfortable?

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