Question from Ninatwoon:

Hi Monae, I’m getting really frustrated with my hair. I love being natural because relaxers burned my scalp. I want to be adventurous and get a total different look, and maybe try some hair color. I feel limited in styles that work for me. I’m just so confused about what to do with my thin, dry hair, shoulder length hair. Please Help.

Answer from Monae:

I understand what you mean. Going natural is a big step that is great for most people. I totally get it when you say you are frustrated and feel that you are running out of style ideas. So instead of telling you about the tons of beautiful natural hair styles or event the way you can fill in your natural hair with hair extensions, lets try something different. Have you ever thought; “Should I loc my hair”?

Have you considered locking your hair? I am a huge fan of locs that are done properly. If you consider locs they can be achieved by 2 stand twisting your hair in sections smaller than an inch. Other starting methods include comb twists which work better on shorter hair and braids/plaits.

For maintenance, feel free to shampoo your hair every two weeks, as normal. If you are weary of shampooing your hair, you can simply clean your scalp with an antiseptic such as sea breeze, then rinse with water. After each cleanse, palm roll your hair and secure each section with clips. All of this is displayed in the video below.

While twisting and re-twisting you hair use moisturizing products such as shea butter or a light oil. Heavy products like bees wax works better on people with curly or thin hair. While thick/course hair locs better with locking gels including my personal favorite, Loc Lock.

Hopefully you enjoy the look of your forming locs. Keep in mind it takes 6-8 months for your hair actually loc. This means that you can untwist your hair before it locs for up to 6 months. After the hair has fully locked into place, you will have to cut your hair if you no longer want your hair locked.

The best part of locing your hair is the fun that you can have with hair color without worrying so much about hair breakage. I have colored the hair of my locked clients every color from blonde to blue. You can also style your locs in tons of different styles. Check out the videos below and let me know your thoughts.

Do you have natural hair? Are you having a difficult time with styles? Have you considered locking your hair? If you enjoyed what you read please subscribe in the top right corner. The Hair and Makeup Blog is needs your support.

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