LocaLynn: Hey Monae! I watch a lot of TV and they are always promoting hair stuff. Do those “As seen on TV’ hair tools really work?

Monae: Great question LocaLynn. While I can’t say that everything in the in the As seen on TV Hair department really works but I have tried out quite a few of the tools and products. Check out the reviews and let me know your thoughts.

My first experience with “The Instyler”:

My Second experience with the smaller “Instyler”

The “Topstyler” curling system:

The “Wen” cleansing conditioner. Everyone wanted to know if this worked on African-American hair. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Have you ever ordered any beauty products from an infomercial or the As Seen on TV hair section? What did you get? How did you like it?

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