Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me. Last year I hit you all with a giveaway. This year… not so much. But I’m going to give you a cheap and  easy way to moisturize your hair with ingredients you may not have ever thought of. Have you ever thought of putting Crisco in your hair? Yep the stuff you use to fry chicken. I figured I’d try it out because I’ve been told that both Crisco gives great curl definition and sheen.

Crisco contains fully hydrogenated cottonseed oil and partially hydrogenated soybean oil. So those of you with soy allergies need to be careful, this treatment may not be for you. And those of you with wheat allergies should know that Eco Styler Gel has wheat as a main ingredient.

Crisco, can be used to seal moisture into hair after cleansing or moisturizing with water and oils. It’s a great completion to the LOC treatment.  And you don’t have to worry about a fried smell because Crisco has no smell. So make sure to add a natural oil whose scent you enjoy.

Tip: The Crisco website says that the shortening does not fry until it reaches 365 degrees fahrenheit. Most hot tools, including flat irons and curling irons, are normally used at 400-450 degrees fahrenheit. So I do not recommend the Crisco treatment for use with hot tools, unless you want your hair to fry.

Have you ever used Crisco in your hair? How about any other kitchen ingredients?

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