Got 5 mins? Great! Then you have enough time to recreate this knock out holiday party hair look.

This style can be done on natural hair, curly hair, or straightened hair. All you need is a comb, brush, small rubber band, and a few bobby pins. Part your hair above the eye brow and extend it to through the nape of your neck. Apply a dutch braid, before securing with a small rubber band, gently pull on the edges make the braid look fuller. Braids are all the rage for 2015, so why not get a head start with this holiday party hair? For the rest check out the video!

Looking for a few other holiday styles? Check out these videos. Which is the favorite? Which would you rock?

Babyliss 1 inch curling iron:
Pride Miracle Leave In Conditioner:
African Pride Miracle Leave In Conditioner:
Motions Foam Wrap Lotion:
Dark and Lovely Souffle:

Looking for other beauty ideas? Wondering if any of those beauty tools on TV work? Check them out here;


Beyonce Holiday Fun
Holiday Party Hair; Cute Faux Bob
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