How to curl hair with a flat iron by Monae Everett from

How to curl hair with a flat iron by Monae Everett from

I think just about every girl that I know owns a flat iron. Most of you know how to straighten their hair, if you don’t know, don’t worry I’ll post that video at the bottom of this post.  Well anywho, back to the topic. Their are so many amazing tools in the beauty market that it can get confusing to choose. I have one major rule when it comes to choosing a tool. Drum roll please… the tool must have multiple uses. It’s cool to own every tool sold on Amazon, but what if you have to fly somewhere or one of the tools breaks? You don’t want to be limited in your styling options.

How many of you can curl your hair with a flat iron? It’s far easier that many think. There are just a few small things to keep in mind.

1) Choose a ceramic or tourmaline flat iron. A titanium flat iron isn’t for daily use and is best for professional use. Ceramic flat irons are best known for heating up quickly and evenly distributing heat across both iron plates. Tourmaline flat irons or known to aid in the reduction of frizz, the buffer the hair and add shine, through the infusion of negative ions.

2) Make sure to use a heat protectant on your hair. You will be applying direct heat and you want your hair to be protected from the heat and you want your curls to last as long as possible.

3) When curling the hair let your iron do most of the work. No need to over use your wrist. That coupled with typing and other activities, can exhaust your wrist and lead to carpal tunnel. Simply flip the hair over the iron and pill downward. The slower you pull down, the more curl added to the hair.

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Motions Styling Foam
Sebastian Halo Mist

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