Side braid updo. Hair and Makeup by Monae Everett.

Side braid updo. Hair and Makeup by Monae Everett.

Check out this super easy side braid updo. Styles incorporating braids are going to be all of the rage this year. This video will help you to be prepared.

Video Transcript

Monae Everett for Today, I’m going to show you prom styles for African American hair in just a few simple steps.

First, section off the hair. Decide where you like to part your hair. Our lovely model likes to part her hair on the right, so I’m going to follow along that part from ear to ear. Pulling the front section of her hair forward and pinning it out of my way. I’m going to continue over to the other section of her head and pin that out of the way. This leaves me the back section. While this looks like a large section of hair, don’t worry, it’ll be easy. I’m going to divide this into two sections and overlap each section. So, I’m going to take a piece of hair from the left side and pull it to the right; take a piece of hair from the right side, pull it to the left. Left over right; right over left and continue on until I get to the bottom of the head. I’m pulling the hair towards my model’s right side as I braid.

This braid does not need to be neat, it just will give the hairstyle a bit more possess and detail. Next, I’m going to take my elastic and secure the braid. You can use a normal elastic or I like this hook elastic. You can just wrap this around and it holds just as secure as any other elastic. Upon securing the hair, you’ll have a little curl left, finger tease it. We just want to make it a little fuller. Twist it around and bun it. Use a bobby pin to secure the bun in place, leaving it nice and loose yet secure. You don’t want to worry about your hair coming down as you’re partying for prom.

Now, we’re going to go to the front sections that have been sectioned off and loosely gather it and bring it towards our bun section of the hair. Secure the pull back section of the hair with a bobby pin and let the ends dangle, we’ll place that later. Take the last section of your hair and pull it back towards your bun and pin that hair into place. Now, for the dangly hairs, you can decide if you like to let them dangle or if you want to pin them in place a bit more with the bobby pin or hair pin, whatever is most convenient for you. Make sure that your face is framed properly and giving you the look that you like.  I hope you enjoyed this simple side braid updo.

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