Hey beauties! Are you thinking about putting your hair up but you don’t want it to look too done? It’s a slippery slope in the land up-styles and updos. You don’t want your updo to look like something from the 1950s. You want it to look cool and be super easy to do. I call this style the twisted updo.

I came up with this style after my last roller set was hanging on by a thread. Since my curls had flopped I thought it would be cool to where my twisted updo.

To achieve the look you part your hair, smooth the perimeter of your hairline into a very low tiny ponytail at the very bottom of your hairline. The remaining hair will resemble a mohawk, part that hair into 4 sections. The first section is a horseshoe shape ranging from temple to temple. It’s basically that top section is a very deep bang. Next take a section of from ear to ear. Grab the ends of the hair and twist. Tuck that hair in a downward motion and pin to the scalp. Section hair across the occipital bone and repeat the twisting and pinning instructions. In the last and final section repeat the twisting and pinning while including the time ponytail at the nape, or bottom of the hair-line.

Don’t worry if you couldn’t keep up with the written instructions. It’s way more simple when you watch me create the style.

Would you rock the twisted updo? Do you have your own goto updo?

Products used in this video purchased with my own money.
Design Essentials Max Edge Tamer
Sebastian Halo Mist 

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