FHI Stylus Review by Monae Everett

FHI Stylus Review by Monae Everett

With so many tools on the market it can be difficult to decide which hot tool is worth the money. I decided to give the brand new FHI Stylus a try. It’s a cross between a flatiron, Instyler, and a heated brush.

I do not relax my hair. If you subscribe to the curl typing system, my hair type/texture is best described as a mixture of #3C and #4A. That means I have a tight curl pattern. My hair is also low density, or fine, which is just a fancy way of saying fragile.

For this review I kept my styling products to an absolute minimum. The Mizani 25 Miracle Milk was my go to product of choice. It claims to be able to do amazing things for your hair. The coconut oil provides light moisture that my hair always needs. The 25 Miracle Milk was used as my leave in conditioner, heat protectant, and frizz reducer. The 25 Miracle Milk actually claims to benefit your hair in 25 ways. I sprayed my hair both wet and dry with the Miracle Milk.

To achieve this look I simply parted my wet hair into 8 sections. I stretch dried my hair. By stretch drying my hair it allows me to quickly dry my hair without using a lot of tension.

Now for the tool of the moment; the FHI Stylus. The tool only heats up to 400 degrees so I wasn’t worried about burning my hair. Since it’s tourmaline that should give my hair shine. The nylon teeth of the brush also protects you from burns on your scalp or fingers.

I like that I was able to smooth my hair using the Stylus. The stylus gives a different and more voluminous look than a flat iron. I also like my ability to be able to add curls to my hair.

I would recommend this tool to people who want a multi use tool. Plus it’s easy to travel with and costs about the same amount as a professional flat iron.

Tip: To create curls with the Stylus use it in the same manner as a flat iron. Begin the spiral curl on the heated panel of the stylus and rotate your wrist wrap your hair around the stylus. Since there isn’t a clip, you don’t have to worry about your hair becoming tangled in the Stylus.

Have you tried the Stylus? What is your must have tool for styling your hair?

FHI Stylus

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