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Women Workout with Straight Hair

Happy New Year, Beautiful! If you are like many others you resolved to be healthier this year! For many of us, a healthier lifestyle includes an exercise regimen. It’s been said that Black women don’t work out because they are scared to mess up their hair. While keeping up your hairstyle can be costly and time-consuming, vanity can not be more important than our health. Black women workout with straight hair.

There are many precautions you can take to keep your hair looking good after you workout. The video below will teach you how to maintain your hair well enough during your workout that you can even go out on a date afterward.

If you keep your hair straight, regardless of if your hair is natural, relaxed, or pressed straight, there are hairstyles that lend themselves to your workout regimen. Plus you will preserve your hairstyle and look great for any evening plans.

Rock a Dutch Braid, Like a Boss

Looks like braids are a trend that will not leave the runway anytime soon. But how can you rock those great styles as an adult woman… who isn’t a supermodel? Don’t worry I’m here to teach you how to rock a Dutch braid, like a boss!

Bride Wedding Hair and Makeup

Hello everyone, I hope that you had a wonderful and love-filled weekend. Whether you showed yourself some love or spent time with a loved one, this should have been a weekend of enjoyment. As always with the weekend of love, many people became engaged and others got married. This weekend reminded me of one of my favorite recent couples, the Amasos. I provided wedding hair and makeup for the bridal party.

It was such a pleasure to provide wedding hair and makeup services for this gorgeous wedding. The Amasos’ Nigerian Nights-themed wedding was a sight to behold. It was a beautiful blend of both Nigerian and Southern American traditions.

Working with the bride who desires a look that reflects the fusion of two different cultures can be a challenge for some hair and makeup artists. This proved an easy task for me when I worked with this gorgeous bride, Jasmine.

To keep within the traditional Nigerian bridal makeup we kept Jasmine’s makeup in the golden to bronze metallic family. While making sure to apply makeup so it would stay throughout the festivities, I made sure to avoid heavy makeup. The key is to accentuate your best facial features. Jasmine’s look focused on accentuating her fabulous bone structure. We used bronzer to contour her features and added a neutral lip color. This made her beautiful eyes sparkle.

Since her hair needed to be versatile enough to be displayed in her American wedding gown and covered with her Gele (Nigerian head wrap), I created a personalized updo. Jasmine adds definition to her curly/natural hair texture with two-strand and three-strand twist sets. Once the twists have dried, they are released using a light natural oil like coconut oil, leaving more defined ringlets. I added large twists to the back of her hair, twisting the hair upward toward the crown. I left just enough hair out at the top to cascade at the hairline. The look was topped off with a beautiful pearl headpiece that we arranged from the back of the head and across the forehead.

Choosing Professional Hair Clippers

Hair clippers are an excellent tool for creating and maintaining men’s and women’s hairstyles; professional hair clippers will give you even more precision and variety when it comes to styling.

The main difference between ordinary hair clippers and professional hair clippers is that

the latter tend to be better made and will usually come complete with several extra attachments and accessories.

Professional clippers are usually slightly higher in price and you can expect to pay between $30 and $150 depending on the model’s particular features.

There are plenty of great brands and models on the market, and clippers in the professional range will guarantee excellent results. If you are looking for a set for yourself, consider your own needs. If however, you are looking for clippers in order to cut and style other people’s hair, you will be best off investing in clippers complete with several attachments and accessories for creating different styles.

Here are some tips on what to look for when buying clippers in the professional range.


We all know how a good haircut has the power to make your day. However, not all new and pretty hairstyles are suitable for your face shape and age. Thus, instead of going for the trendiest new cut, consider choosing one that fits the shape of your face and age.

Whether your face shape is round, oval, diamond, square, heart, or pear-shaped, the right cut will flatter it and enhance your natural beauty. Let us look at how to choose the perfect hairstyle for your age and face shape.