YouTube Beauty Gurus to Watch

Hey Beauties! While most of us on the east coast are snowed in, today is probably a great day to get caught up on YouTube beauty videos. Today I want to spotlight just a few of the upcoming YouTube beauty gurus you should have on your radar. Hair and Makeup: Ty...

False Bangs (Giveaway Inside)

Ever think about changing your hair style, but you are too chicken to cut your hair? Scissors… forget about it. Check out this easy updo that will create false bangs. You can rock a completely different style without the commitment. Check out this video and let...

How to Get a Full Sexy Blowout

Have you checked out the your latest celeb girl crushes’ hair? I can guarantee that they have big, full hair. You won’t ever catch Beyonce, J.Lo, Ariana Grande with flat helmet hair. Plus it’s way easier than most would think, to get that...
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