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Hey dolls, I’m Monae Everett, a hair and makeup artist often solicited for my professional opinion. My work has been featured in print and digital publications like Harper’s Bazzar, Redbook, Essence, and Huffington Post. I have experience working internationally as a beauty expert and artist.

My client list includes Jessica Lowndes of “90210” fame and former Destiny’s Child member, Latoya Luckett. My blog is the digital hub for my YouTube tutorials. My passion is making women look and feel their best.To work with Monae, or to receive and updated Press Kit, email

Real Woman Makeover:

The InstaWave; Does it work?

TopStyler Tool Review:

How to Make Your Naturally Curly, Course, or Kinky Hair Silky Straight

How to Curl Your Hair

Expert Features:

11/14 “How to Create 3 Different Curls with a Flat Iron”


11/14 “How to Get Crazy Volume Without the Damage”

1/15 National Family Dollar Campaign

National Family Dollar Beauty Campaign

National Family Dollar Beauty Campaign


11/14   “New Ways to Heat-Style your Hair”


7/26/13  “Celebrity Make-Up Artist and Hair Guru Monae Everett Talks Beauty, Favorite Celebrity Clients and Getting the Looks You Want”


7/12/13   “VainHairCare tip by Monae Everett: Top 5 Hair care Products for any Hair Type”


7/19/13   “VainHairCare tip by Monae Everett”


6/30/13  “The Ultimate Guide to Post- Pregnancy Beauty”


6/30/13   “How to Create a Smokey Eye”


5/13              About.Com               “How to Wear Rainbow Eye Shadow”


2/11                “Tips for Healthy Hair”


Radio Interviews:

5/21/13     “Tips from A List Stylists & Artists – The Make-up Show 2013 with Monae Everett”


9/26/12     “If You TRULY want Success, YOU MUST BE READY FOR YOUR CLOSEUP!  -Personal Stylist Monae Everett talks Beauty & Success”


5/11           “Monaé Everett – Beauty Accentuations”


8/11         “Hair Makeup With: Monaé Artistry CEO Monaé Everett”


7/11      “Monaé Everett Of Monaé Artistry on Bridal Hair & Makeup”


6/10      “Monaé Everett breaks down beauty modeling”


6/07      “20 Questions: S. Monae Everett, Bubbles Salon on Capitol Hill”


Monae Everett

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