What to Look For When Buying Nose Hair Clippers

When it comes to nose hair, most people would agree it is best to keep it out if sight, so choosing the right nose hair clippers is vital for maintaining a tidy appearance. After all, a hairy nose is unlikely to enhance your appearance and this minor annoyance can be easily dealt with. Both men and women may benefit from this handy gadget in keeping their noses free from the odd nose hair.

How Nose Hair Trimmers Work

The gadget is basically a probe-like devise with a rotating blade with features designed to protect the delicate skin in the nose. Models are designed to trim just the right amount leaving small hairs, required for the protection of the nose. Although there are many products on the market, there are a few points to remember when choosing the right model.

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The Blade

As with most clippers, it is important to ensure your chosen model is equipped with a good quality blade. The best models will have blades made from chrome or stainless steal. All models on the market should come with fine combs which work to protect the skin from coming into contact with the blades.

Battery Life

Unlike clippers designed for hair, nose hair clippers are relatively small and powered by batteries instead of plugging into an outlet. There are some high-end models on the market that are rechargeable, however most products will need the battery replaced form time to time.

Waterproof Clippers

Depending on where you prefer doing your grooming, you may prefer a waterproof design which will allow you to trim your nose hair in the shower or bath.

Looking After Your Clippers

Be sure to invest in a model that comes with a cleaning brush, which will ensure your clippers remain clean. Many models on the market also come with lubrication, to keep the blades sharp. Both cleaning the blades and maintaining their sharpness is necessary to prolong their life.

LED Light

A handy feature to have on your nose hair clippers is a LED light, designed to give you more visibility. This is especially useful for waterproof models, as some bathrooms may lack day light.


Plenty of brands on the market go one step further in providing attachments designed for grooming eyebrows and ear hair. These come in the form of clip-ons, which you can interchange to suit your needs.


Last, but not least, the look for a model to suit your budget. There are plenty of nose hair clippers out there for every budget. You can expect to pay anything between $10 to $30 depending on the brand and specific features.
Ok, so nose hair is not the most attractive feature of humans, however it is a natural fact and needn’t be a pain. Finding the right model to suit your needs should be relatively easy with following these basic guidelines. With a set of handy nose hair clippers, this minor annoyance can be a thing of the past, happy grooming.