Philips PowerTouch Pro PT920 Electric Shaver Review

The Philips PowerTouch Pro PT920 Electric Shaver is for men who want to shave as quickly as possible, at least that is what Philips claim in what they are calling their quickest, most convenient and skin friendly shaver. Today, we’re going to take a look at what the PowerTouch Pro PT920 has to offer and see if it really is that fast.
The Philips PowerTouch Pro PT920 is part of a new range of shavers with a focussed on quicker shaving. It incorporates ultra-thin shaving heads and a triple track which means that it has 50% more shaving surface than a normal electric shaver. The idea is that, with 50% more shaving surface, you’ll be able to shave more of your face at any one time and therefore get your shave finished in record time.

Along with this new focus on sped, the PT920 promises to be as close a shaver as ever, and has Philips well-known Super Lift and Cut built-in. There are two blades in each head; one that gently lifts the hair away from the skin, and one that then cuts it. Pulling the hair from the skin before cutting means that the it can be cut as low as possible.
Another new feature on the Philips PowerTouch PT920 is the introduction of holes and slots on the blades themselves. The holes make sure that shorter stubble is captured and cut, where as longer hairs are caught in the slots and taken care of. You won’t struggle, therefore, with different hair lengths and types; the PT920 will catch them all.
In the interests of reducing skin sensitivity and irritation, Philips have built what they call SmartPivot technology into the PowerTouch Pro PT920. The shaver has “flexing” heads which can swivel through the full range of motion. As you shave, the heads adjust to the shape of your face and the contours of your skin, with the idea being to maintain skin contact at all times

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. This ensures that you don’t need to go over areas twice, and reduces the amount of friction on your skin. This means less irritation.
To top off the package, the PT920 also has an extremely efficient battery. It takes just 1 hour to give it a full charge, and a full battery gives 60 minutes shaving time. If you do find you forget to give it a charge and run out of battery, a quick 3 minute charge will give you enough power for one full shave, so no more getting caught with a dead battery in the morning. Very handy!
The shaver head is washable; you just flip it open and then run it under a tap after you’ve finished shaving. The PT920 also comes with charging stand, and a soft carry pouch for traveling.